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Amuro Namie Gets Us Wild (Video)



What makes people go wild?

We can easily say that the sudden invasion of K-pop and J-pop music, donned in very dynamic musical arrangements and unique pop lifestyle makes in particular Filipino music fans go wild and scream their hearts’ out during sold out concerts.  Despite the incomprehensible lyrics, Asian music is like a new blood infused on modern day music lovers and listeners that anyone cannot help but simply surrender to the beat and just sing along.

In recent times, a music star is also shining brightly at the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan where her radiance is far-arching, slowly capturing the imagination of Pinoy music lovers that awaits their energy to be unleashed in a sea of music and lyrics.  This Japanese pop star is Amuro Namie.

Amuro Namie is known in the Japanese entertainment industry as a great singer and performer.  Her entry into Philippine airwaves makes people simply go “wild” and listeners “wild at heart”.

Good news is that Filipino fans will have to wait no longer after Amuro Namie’s hit single “Wild” was released in the Philippines most recently, thanks to the support of renowned Japanese record label Avex Entertainment Inc. “Wild” with its dynamic musical arrangement, grove and beat is the unique concoctions of Amuro’s superb vocals and futuristic dance music that will make anyone go wild in the dance flooor.  “Wild” easily spiked up in Japan’s music charts and became Amuro’s 11th number single.

Amuro Namie, 30, is the embodiment of what her wild music is all about:  pure energy, style, passion and sexiness visibly shining through her faultless vibrant dance moves.  That is the very reason why her age never stopped her to living up a vibrant, health and fit lifestyle oozing with freshness in all her stage performances.

To date, she remains as the longest reigning popular female acts in Japan with Top 10 single each year for fourteen consecutive years tucked under her belt.  These achievements alone speak of what makes her wild:  her desire for excellence on her craft and at the same time to stay vibrantly sexy.

Her music videos are living testaments to a singer who has gone “wild” and “wild at heart” certified by what a critic says about her, “she captures the hearts of her audience by the graceful animation of her stage personality. By virtue of her talents, Namie Amuro has been the most notable Japanese singer to emerge from the Japanese music culture”.

Filipino fans are set to expect from Amuro Namie in the coming days.

So how about you guys, what makes you go wild?

Watch Amuro Namie Wild Video:

Or Better check out Amuro Namie’s “Wild” Video on YouTube:

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