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50 Cent Lost Weight! PHOTO/PICTURE


My golly!  What happened to rapper 50 Cent?

In a most recent set of pictures 50 Cent lost so much weight.

Check the photo of 50 Cent Lost Weight Skinny Photo:


Is he sick? Actually, 50 Cent lost so much weight for the sake of the movie “Things Fall Apart” of which he plays the role of a cancer-stricken football player.  He is reported by online showbiz gossip and rumor site to have lost around 214 pound in just nine weeks taking only a liquid diet plus physical workout.

Man, all for the sake of art?  Well, maybe also for the sake of money.  50 Cent co-produces the film.  This is one nice but dangerous way to generate buzz for a film and at the same time portray a crucial role.

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