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Producer of Rosario Disappointed with 2010 MMFF Results, Questions Nomination Process



Glenda Villena posted on Yahoo Entertainment an article about the disappointment of some camps about the most recent result of winners of the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival.  In particular, the producer of front-runner “Rosario” is very disappointed about the result of the 2010 MMFF.

Rosario movie

Rosario was graded “A” by the Cinema Evaluation Board and is an early favorite.  Some of its top contenders are Jennylyn Mercado for Best Actress and Albert Martinez for Best Director.  But the two did not get any awards, worse, they were not even nominated.

Some of the fans were reported to have walked from the awards.

The producer of the movie, JoAnn C. Banaga sent an e-mail message that was published on Yahoo! Southeast Asia expressing her disappointment with the process and result during the awards night.

“CINEMABUHAY and STUDIO 5 are not happy with the nomination process,” Banaga said. “The big question here is — How could the director of a RATED A movie not even get a nomination?  Rosario got highly rated by the Cinema Evaluation Board composed of movie experts…  who were the judges of the filmfest?  And how could the MMFF change their rulings and just announce the top 3 nominees when in the past years all entries had nominations in each category?  When did they change that ruling, overnight lang?  We are not saying Ai Ai is not deserving of the award but how can Jennylyn not be nominated at all?   Hindi ba siya as deserving as Ai Ai? Disappointing!”

Any thoughts about Jennylyn Mercado and Albert Martinez not winning any awards, more so not being included on the list of nominees?

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