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Justin Bieber Mall Apperance Led to Stampede


Justin Bieber caused a riot at Fairview Park Mall in Canada.


The authorities continue the investigation at the said mall, after a stampede occurred when the 16-year-old RnB singer appeared.

It was said that many displays were broken and people were screaming as if they were half-mad, struggling hard, trying to get a glimpse at Bieber.

Sunglass Hut shop owner Sarah Pelletier was told to shut her doors by the local policemen as Bieber purchased sun glasses from the said shop.

“I thought, my God it’s a 16-year-old boy who’s shopping — what’s the big deal here?” I was concerned because there was hundreds of girls out there and three police officers at my glass doors, and I’m like, I don’t think this is a good mix”, Pelletier said, apparently  unaware who Justin Bieber is.

Eventually, Bieber received an escort out of the mall through the back entrance.

Now what, with Bieber‘s new look and “hotness” on the loose, doesn’t he have any idea how popular he is?

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