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Gretchen Barretto: "I don't believe that Angelica said anything like that against me."


claudine-gretchen-angelicaMany have been curious of what Gretchen has to say regarding the intense issue between her sister Claudine Barretto and Angelica Panganiban with whom she has just recently made amends.  When asked if she knows about her younger sister’s rift with Angelica, she didn’t denied it.

The issue reached the showbiz press when Claudine expressed her anger through Twitter about someone, though she didn’t actually named the person. Then later on, the press confirmed that it was indeed Angelica whom Claudine was referring to in her tweets. Both have worked together in “Iisa Pa Lamang”, a teleserye of ABS-CBN way back in 2008, when Claudine was still a Kapamilya star.

Some speculations had been formed that the rupture started when Claudine confronted Angelica the moment she learned that the latter had been spreading false rumors about her sister Gretchen. According to Claudine, Angelica said that Gretchen had been sending her boyfriend Derek Ramsay expensive gifts. And so it seemed that Claudine was just protecting her older sister. Claudine was also furious because somebody confirmed that Angelica was spreading rumors about Claudine having an affair with her husband’s friend.

However, Gretchen denied that she is the flame to their misunderstanding. She also denied that she gave expensive gifts to Derek. She recalled that the only thing she gave to her co-star Derek was a blanket, and she also gave some to the whole cast of Magkaribal.

About the fact that Angelica has been saying things behind her back? Gretchen said she doesn’t believe it.

“You know what, I’ll tell you this: I don’t believe that Angelica said anything like that against me. Kasi kung may sinabi siya na gano’n, hindi siya makakaharap sa akin tulad nang paghaharap niya sa akin. And wala pa ni isang tao sa show business na nagsabi sa aking sinungaling si Angelica. Walang nagsasabi nang ganun. Parati nilang sinasabi na mabuti siyang tao, prangka siyang tao. Kung hindi siya prangka, e, di sana hindi niya ako twinit, ‘no!  Di ba? At sana hindi na rin siya humingi ng tawad, di ba?”, Gretchen said.

It was just recently when Gretchen and Angelica had a disagreement that involves Gretchen’s closeness with Derek Ramsay. Still, they had resolved their conflict eventually.

Gretchen said she doesn’t have anything to do with her sister’s issue. But she admitted that she is somehow affected with what’s going on since it’s still her sister who’s involved and she is also friends with Angelica and Derek at the same time.

Anyway, Gretchen also shared that she respects and admires Angelica and Derek for being sensitive enough about the way the took the matter, coz they still consider Gretchen’s feelings.

Gretchen prays for peace to both parties and hopes that the conflict would be resolved soon.

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  1. yuni says:

    AHM, payo ko lng sayo angelica don’t be so sensitive about your felngs nuh… you noh.., f derek love u so much u ned to have trust to him nd f u lve him… just control ur emotion…. tnx… ur one of my fans angelica….


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