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Philippine Azkals Becomes Belo Celebrity Endorsers


They are the hottest athletes today in the Philippines with girls screaming everywhere they go.  With their popularity skyrocketing to new heights, aside from kicking soccer balls for goals and for national pride, they will now also endorse a dermatological clinic.

The Philippine National Football team or more popular known as the Azkals is the latest celebrity endorsers of the Belo Medical Group under the doctor-to-the-stars Vicky Belo.

During an interview with ABS-CBN, Dr. Belo confirmed that the Azkals players are going to be the latest faces of her beauty empire.  She said that,

“[T]he football players should get regular skin treatment since they spend most of their time under the sun.”


“They’re playing out in the sun, of course they’re getting blackheads, whiteheads. They need to take care of their skin. And sun damage.”

Most recently, the Azkals had shown their best during their match against Mongolia held in Bacolod for the AFC Qualifying match.

Looks like we will have more Beckhams in Philippine football, huh.

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