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Young Filipina Covered Lady Gaga's Song, Becomes the New YouTube Sensation (Video)


A 10-year-old Filipina is the new Youtube sensation.

Canadian-Filipina Maria Lourdes Aragon sang her own version of “Born This Way”, Lady Gaga’s latest hit.  The said video has gone viral and has 1,172,315 views, two days after it was posted.

Lady Gaga itself even tweeted about it.

“Can’t stop crying watching this. This is why I make music. She is the future.”

Hayley Williams of Paramore and Ellen de Generes also watched Maria’s video. Ellen, who is the root of Charice’s fame in Hollywood,  retweeted Gaga. Who knows, maybe Maria could be on Ellen’s show too?

Aragon was asked in an interview by Yahoo! OMG! what she would like to say to Lady Gaga.

“I just want to say that she writes good songs. She has good meaning to her songs and that I really do idolize her,” she said.

If you watched the vid, you should’ve seen the abominable comments made by our fellow countrymen. You know what they’re so pissed about? Filipino pride. They are horribly irritated because Filipinos are proud of Maria. Do we really need that right now?

Naturally, Filipinos would be proud of that young girl because she is fabulously talented and it’s not everyday that we get to see someone (especially Pinoys) being noticed by someone as big as the three-time Grammy winner Lady Gaga. Someone even commented that he/she/it (whoever it is) was glad that Aragon grew up in Canada and not in the “FAILIPPINES” (referring to Pinas).

Apparently, the comments had been the basis of race inferiority. Pathetic and embarrassing.

Of course Maria is gifted, though that doesn’t mean she is gifted because of her race. Yet, being proud of her because she is a Filipino, isn’t anywhere near wrong or exaggerated.

Oh well, haters gonna hate. Maria is still amazing.

Watch Video:

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