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Leah Michelle of Glee Expressed Sadness over Japan Earthquake and Monster Tsunami


A monstrous earthquake hit the “Land of the Rising Sun” yesterday afternoon.  The earthquake was recorded by authorities at magnitude 8.9 which its center was located at 373 kilometers off Tokyo. It was said to be the strongest earthquake that Japan had in 300 years.  (check out earthquake photos and video here)

The strong tremor toppled down many houses and buildings.  But the destruction was furthered after a body of water was formed into giant waves, more known as tsunami.  Tsunami waves reached up to 13 feet and destroyed many more establishments.  Boats and even big ships were tossed and destroyed.

Tsunami warnings were instantly raised and sent to many countries around the Pacific like Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Hawaii, Russia and other parts of Japan and Indonesia.

Nuclear power plants and other manufacturing plants were ordered closed in order to prevent fire and more destruction.

Philippine celebrities and those from Hollywood expressed sadness over the calamity that has paralyzed a big part of Japan.  Most of them expressed their sadness and shared their prayers over Twitter.

Leah Michelle of the hit US television series “Glee” shared her sadness over Twitter after hearing the news.

Below is the screenshot:


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