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Edu Manzano, Win or Lose, Will Quit Showbiz After Election


edu-manzanoActor and Vice-Presidential candidate of the administration party, Edu Manzano has been lately at the center of the speculation that he is going to withdraw from the vice-presidential race due to the lack of support of his party.  But Edu has already clarified the issue and said that he still on the go for the May 2010 elections.

On his campaign sortie in Basilan, he was asked by reporters about the issue and about his future plans after the May 2010 elections.

Edu Manzano answered that whether he wins or losses on the election, he is already set to retire and quite from showbiz life and focus on his family and on personal matters.

It could be remembered that because of accepting to run as vice-president under the administration party, his girlfriend and TV anchor Pinky Webb broke up with him.

So has politics exhausted from Edu some sense of enthusiasm from his showbiz career that he already had given the word for an ultimate retirement and live a more private life?  Seems like the powers of Captain Barbel is not working wonders for him.

Well, will still see if he could and will stick to his word.

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