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Thia Megia’s “Boring” Pocahontas Performance Lets Her through the Next Round of American Idol


Luck is really on the side of Filipina-American Thia Megia as she survives this week’s voting and head on the next round of American Idol Season 10 competition.

Contestants this week were asked to choose a song from the year they were born.  Thia for her part performed the song “Colors of the Wind” which was first released in 1995.

Though Thia obviously did not commit any error while singing the song she has chosen, her performance however did not impress the judges.

The 15-year old contestant got the harshest comment from Idol judge Randy Jackson.  He said that the performance was “very boring.”

“It’s just there was nothing special [or] unique about it, and you have the talent.

So I mean, maybe a different kind of song next time. Dig a little deeper, take some chances. ‘Cause you can sing, you have a big voice, but it’s always so safe and it was so boring tonight.”

Jennifer Lopez on the hand recognized the talent of the Californian but asked for more.

“We need to see you break out of that but also I hear in your vibrato, I’m not sure if it’s nervousness or that’s the quality of your vibrato. Either way, I don’t wanna think about that so it feels like that needs a little bit of working on too.

So push out of the box, work on the vibrato, and then come out next week and kill it.”

Steve Tyler for his part asked Thia about the choice of song and if it had suited her.

However, Thia, did not let the night end to be just at the receiving end of the judges’ comments.  She defended her choice of song and told Randy,

“I get what you mean, Randy. I can do so much more than that, though. I mean, I’m not just a ballad singer.”

Thia though was still very luck as she remains in the competition.  Unfortunate for Karen Rodriguez, she had to already head home.

I have already said here that Thia since she entered the competition has been quite predictable with her song choices and performance. Most of the songs she sang so far were all ballads.

Randy and Jen were right:  she needs to push herself more outside her comfort zone, show her talent, her range, her power and flexibility; if she wants to stay in the competition.

So far, only the votes are letting her survive the tough competition, but it is all just pure talent, I should say that she could have already been eliminated.

Will Thia soon run out of luck?


Photo credit:  thehollywoodgossip.com

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