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Hayley Atwell Couldn’t Help Groping Chris Evans’ ‘Man Boob’


Oh, how I would love to trade places with Captain America co-star Hayley Atwell just to be able to run my hands on Chris Evans’ pumped up chest! Drooling, drooling, drooling…

Hey, even Hayley admitted that she could not help herself! It is a good thing, their director found the scene movie-worthy that he even asked her to do it over and over again.

So, you can say Hayley was extremely ‘hands-on’ for her role in the ‘Captain America: The First Avenger which hit theatres last Friday.

In the said ‘groping’ scene, the 29-year-old actress goes after costar Chris Evans’ chest after he has undergoes a radical transformation from a lanky science experiment candidate to a beefed-up action hero.

Hayley said, “That was an instinctive moment. I literally couldn’t help myself, because I hadn’t seen him with his top off until that moment… I mean, go for the man boob! And [the director] loved it. He was like, ‘Do that again!’ So we ended up doing lots of takes just to see how far we could go, and then got a little bit over the top.”

Could not blame you Hayley, I would have probably done the same thing even after the director has yelled, ‘Cut!’

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