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Chris Brown Nude Photos, just a Gimmick?



Since assaulting ex-girlfriend Rihanna, RnB singer Chris Brown’s career seemed to have flunked down. No hit singles, no music awards. Lately, nude photos of Brown have leaked. Rumors say that the photos revealing his penis was just a gimmick for his upcoming album release.

Apparently, Brown was disappointed and said he never planned to expose those pictures.

“I didn’t want to put pictures out; that’s not my intention. A lot of people were saying, ‘Yo, he leaked the pictures, he was trying to get promotion’,” Brown said.

Anyways, the photos (showing Chris Brown’s full-blown profile with his skinny manhood) are way too obscene to be posted, even when blurred.

Do you think this nude photo leakage is scripted? Any thoughts?


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