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Earth Hour 2011 iPhone Application 60+ Available for Download on iTunes


Tomorrow, March 26, 2011, the world is going to celebrate Earth Hour 2011.

The advocacy started out in 2007 in Sydney, Australia.  It aims to encourage people to turn off their lights for just an hour in order to express a bold message and advocacy against climate change.  World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) is the main force behind this advocacy and since 2007, Earth Hour has been adopted all throughout the world.

This year, Earth Hour will start from 8:30-9:30 pm.

Not only big establishments are encouraged to join but more so individual families.

In the Philippines, the celebration of Earth Hour is marked with different programs and activities spearheaded by local government units and the private sector to impart to all those joining the celebration a deeper understanding and knowledge of the dire effects of climate change; more so on how to combat it.

Earth Hour for this year has taken the advocacy to a whole new level too!

This advocacy goes techie as the WWF has partnered with the Leo Burnett Group on creating an iPhone app that will give iPhone users the information on ways to protect the environment.  The app is called 60+ which means that the advocacy started out by Earth Hour will not only be for just an hour but for the whole year.  Reports said that it will be available on iTunes store.

A game is also contemplated said Marshable.  The game app added that it will focus on a friendly competition that aims to make people conscious of the importance of protecting the environment.

So let us turn off our lights on March 26, 2011 from 8:30 PM-9:30 PM.  And of course, may our efforts to protect the environment, our only planet, our only home, may not only be limited for just an hour but beyond.

And what a way to celebrate my 27th birthday this Saturday but by joining this noble advocacy.

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