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Ashley Judd Memoir Reveals Childhood Suffering from Abuse and Neglect


Ashley Judd has a very revealing new memoir which is entitled “All That Is Bitter & Sweet.”

Excerpts of her new memoir that hit bookstores on Tuesday reveal that the Hollywood actress suffered from parental neglect and abuse during her childhood and teenage years.  These excerpts were reportedly shared in the internet.  Part of the memoir which Judd said her mother Naomi Judd neglected her says,

“My mother, while she was transforming herself into the country legend Naomi Judd, created an origin myth for the Judds that did not match my reality.  She and my sister [Wynonna] have been quoted as saying that our family put the ‘fun’ in dysfunction. I wondered: ‘Who, exactly, was having all the fun? What was I missing?'”

Judd, 42, also added that her father was easily carried away at taking “hallucinogenics” with friends during Saturday nights in their home.

She also expressed what she felt for her mother who made her to believe that being left alone in is just normal.

“I loved my mother, but at the same time I dreaded the mayhem and uncertainty that followed her everywhere … I often felt like an outsider observing my mom’s life as she followed her own dreams,” wrote Ashley.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Judd described her childhood as “erratic, chaotic, unstable.”  She furthered that she tried to understand everything and appreciate whatever her mom was going through but at the end of all of it, “it was just hurtful” for her.

During her young age, Judd wrote in the book that she was molested by a family friend.  Another incident she shared was when she played her mother’s gun that tempted her to shoot herself.  This particular episode in her life she admitted may have been repressed surfaced in 2006 when she underwent therapy and rehabilitation.

Interviewed on the “Today” show, Ashley’s mom Naomi said of her daughter’s book,

“I love my daughter. I hope her book does well.”

Photo credit: sofeminine.co.uk

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