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Jan-Jan Incident Prompts Mang Inasal to Pull Out Ads from Willing Willie


The controversial episode on “Willing Willie” is sure to sting TV5 network as a big advertiser pulled out its ad placements on the show.

Mang Inasal under Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC) was reported to have suspended its ad placements on “Willing Willie.”  The suspension is caused by the incident involving a 6-year old boy that elicited an outcry from the public saying the show and its host Willie Revillame humiliated and maltreated the young contestant.

The video of that particular episode (watch video here) was shared on social networking sites and stirred the sentiments of people.  The Department of Social Welfare and Development has immediately acted on the issue and sent a letter of complaint to the management of TV5.

Jollibee Foods Corporation through its official Facebook Page posted their decision on Sunday to suspend advertisements on “Willing Willie”.  It says,

“Mang Inasal will be holding off their ad placements from Willing Willie this week. We will continue to monitor the issue and await the results of the investigation. The whole JFC group, will remain committed to upholding the welfare of children. – JFC Corporate Media.”

On the other hand, another company putting up advertisements on the controversial show said in a statement after requested by several parties to follow JFC’s decision.

“While we, as advertisers, do not control the actual execution and their artists during the show, we also want to do our part to avoid these unfortunate incidents.”

Tomorrow, the MTRCB is expected to give its decision as to whether the show will be suspended, cancelled, or Willie Revillame will be fined.

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  1. Hectro says:

    Mang Inasal made the right decision of cutting ties with a tv program that exploits the poor and the less educataed. Gov”t agencies concerned shud put a stop to this kind of show which promotes mendicancy and shamelessness in the guise benevolence. If commercialism is the order of the day, then we the consumers should stop patronizing the sponsors of this program. Let’s see what happens.,


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