Jan-Jan Suan’s Family Sue Bloggers and Psychologist for Libel


There is a new twist to the controversial incident that happened on TV5’s game show “Willing Willie” involving a 6-year old boy. The parents of Jan-Jan Suan who was alleged to have been “abused” and “humiliated” on Willie Revillame’s show, are fighting back and suing a psychologist and several bloggers.

Mr. Joe and Diana Suan filed a libel case against Dr. Ma. Lourdes “Honey” Carandang, John Silva and Friolan Grate (both bloggers) for causing the Suan family “dishonor, discredit and contempt.”

The whole incident stems from the controversial March 12 episode of “Willing Willie” wherein Jan-Jan was dancing an erotic dance move while shedding tears. The video of the said episode was shared on YouTube and social networking sites, eliciting harsh reactions, condemnation and judgments from celebrities, politicians and different civic organizations.

The DSWD through Sec. Dinky Soliman immediately sent a letter of complaint to the management of TV5. The MTRCB on the other hand is now hearing the case.

Willie Revillame announced a week ago that “Willing Willie” is to be temporarily suspended until Holy Week. During that episode, he also lambasted all those people who discredited, maligned and humiliated him on Twitter. He said that he will sue them for libel.

Willie also added that there is an obvious orchestrated attempt to stop his show and ruin him, proof of which he said is the video of Jan-Jan that was posted on YouTube. He said that the video which has become the basis of people saying that he abused the 6-year old boy on his show was spliced and edited to appear that Jan-Jan went through a traumatic experience.

Libel Case Against Dr. Carandang

The libel case was filed by the Suan couple at the Quezon City Prosecutor Office. Other bloggers and respondent were still to be named.

The lawyer of the family said that they filed the case because there people who are using the situation to initiate their “hidden agenda” at the expense of the Jan-Jan.

“We strongly object to his being used as a poster boy for child abuse. He was never abused. We will not allow anyone to abuse him,” said Atty. John Pineda.

The couple said in particular that they were strongly offended by the stance of Dr. Carandang passing judgment on their child after the latter sent a communication to the MTRCB saying that Jan-Jan was abused by host Willie Revillame.

They said on their complaint,

“She is not our doctor and we don’t know her.She did not consult the psychologist helping the family. She hasn’t talked with [our son] nor has she conducted an examination, yet she made a hasty conclusion of child abuse.”

Atty. De Vera, legal counsel of Willie Revillame also assailed Dr. Carandang’s swift judgment on his client on a separate interview. He said,

“She has made this statement even though she has not seen or talked with [the boy], his parents, or his uncle, who taught him how to dance, or his aunt, who accompanied him to the studio.

Did she see the original, complete episode or did she rely on the YouTube version that had been spliced, tampered, doctored and maliciously edited?”

He also assailed the child psychologist for her close connection with ABS-CBN.

“She did not disclose to the MTRCB that she’s a paid consultant and lecturer of ABS-CBN.”

Dr. Carandang is the mother of former ANC news anchor Ricky Carandang who is now a member Pres. Aquino’s cabinet. ABS-CBN and Willie Revillame are presently still going through a tedious legal battle after the latter bolted out of the network without finishing his contract.

Bloggers Also Sued

Bloggers were also named respondents to the complaint. In particular, the family sued Froilan Grate for creating a Facebook Page which says that the page will help Jan-Jan and put Willie Revillame to shame. They added that Grate suggested that as parents, they allowed “subjecting their child to this horrible experience,” for quick cash.

Part of the letter of Froilan Grate that the family used as basis was sent to different government offices reads,

“Given the financial hardships that they have to endure, they often feel forced to do acts that violate their dignity as human beings in exchange for keeping body and soul together.”

Sought for his reaction about the libel case, Grate said in a phone interview by the Inquirer that the complaint is a direct “attack against freedom of expression” and a “threat to those who stand up for what is right.”

Grate said that he is not afraid and will not back down.

On the other hand the Suan family also named blogger John Silva as a respondent for suggesting that Revillame and TV5 were “pedophiles” on his blog.

The Suan family said that they are bothered by people bugging them about the whole issue, and what they whole controversy has brought to their life.

What do you think of Jan-Jan’s family suing all those people? Do you think they have the basis to do that?

Photo credit: Wil Productions

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  1. marie says:

    I’m really confused why these people have singled out janjan’s performance in willing willie when in fact there’s a lot of tv programs in other networks that shows unbecoming acts of children just to get the nods of the judges. For instance, tthere was an 8 year old girl who was belly dancing during the audition of the Pilipinas Got Talent Season 2. The girl was wearing a bra, her entire tummy exposed, her face fully made up for her to appear older while dancing seductively to the music. She got a “yes” vote from the 3 judges. Unfortunately, nobody tweeted about it. At least janjan was fully clothed when he danced.

    If we are really serious in protecting children’s rights, we should apply the rules to everyone else including all networks that let children performed sexy dances. In this case, there seems to be partial only to willing willie which is very unfair.

    Those artists, politicians and so called champions for childrens’ rights instead of blaming the parents of janjan and the tv organizers should have analyzed the root cause on why janjan did what he did. What have they done to our society to prevent such acts? Or are we all being hypocrites here?

    • Final Verdict says:


      how do u handle this :

      “Umiiyak pa yan…Ngayon pa sa hirap ng buhay ng tao…si Jan Jan siyempre sasayaw bilang macho dancer sa edad na yan para sa kanyang mahal na pamilya…pinahanga mo ako Jan Jan.”

      “Lumuluha yan…parang sa pelikulang ‘Burlesk Queen’…umiiyak na ganoon…ginagawa para sa pamilya. Masama ang loob pero kailangan kong gawin para sa mahal sa buhay.”

      this is one simple act of humiliation..the boy doesnt know what is a macho dancer is or a burlezk queen and if indeed the boy knows it i think he wouldnt do such acts lalong lao na kapag alam niya ang ibig sabihin ng macho dancer di po ba?

  2. […] now we are seeing lawsuits flying back and forth between both camps now. I say to this bring it on, as this is a show that will most likely be an […]

  3. I can see no humiliattion by just reading the statement.Remember contestant were allowed to perform anything on the show as long as it does not affect them physically nor mentally.It is part of the game and willie is just doing what he is suppsed to do as the host and to make people happy and contestant happy.When a person is crying it’s not because he/she don’t like it or he’s happy or not happy on doing it. Yet,interpretation of other people is so bad in the since that the child is crying or was ask to dance continuously.

    It’s not a phedophile! really disagree. Can a phedophile term is related to this? I think not, he never touch the child……Think it over buddy.

    Look at the early morning show where you can find little girl dancing like a dancer but was shown on ABS CBN. Does anyone have seen it ? please try to review some clips s for your reference.

    Why always willie is the issue? why not focus on the street children all over our nation and see how their rights has been controlled and violated by syndicates by begging along the streets mostly in most busiest streets.this is where bloggers are suppose to do but they could not get any attention for the reason that it can never create turmoil within the internet because everyone knows that nobody cares these children.

    The issue is higly politicize which main objective is to shutdown the show since ratings is so high than any other.Direcrt condemnation of a certain person without a due process is against the law, anyway if prominent person commits a crime or breaking up the law , he can be put on trial on lengthy period then in the end it gets acquitted but this could never happen to poor ones.

    For the media i know it’s easy for them to aatack/malign a person in air then ask an apology if it’s not true but the pains and trauma the victim has suffered can never be easily forgotten but for the one who did it is just normal.Please refer to Charice pempemco case.Such type of media man should not be allowed to practice again instead punish them for lifetime disbandment.

    Parents has the legal rights to protect their child interest against those person whom it creates damage child reputation as well as family reputation.making delicate report in verge of the issue is unacceptable when not permitted by the a grieve party. Its main purpose is to ride on the issue nothing else more.

    Hopefully these good people may focus reporting on abuse of street children not a child just acting and as a contestant of the show.It has nothing to do with child abuse.


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