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Jennifer Lopez Puts a Stop to the Release of Sex Tape


Do not even think of messing with Jenny from the block or you are bound to get it…. a restraining order that is.

Jennifer Lopez has again proven that the law is by her side, sex tape or no sex tape. She wins again on the legal front after successfully securing a restraining order from a Los Angeles county judge against Claudia Vasquez, the current girlfriend of her ex-husband Ojani Noa (Ojani Noa who?). 

Vasquez, allegedly tried to sell the “sex tape” , which was actually a “honeymoon” video shot in 1997 by Noa himself who was then Lopez’ husband. We had to put the word “allegedly”, because according to Vasquez there is no proof that she was trying to sell the tape… but she is not denying it either.  How’s that for an excuse?

Anyway, Vasquez supposedly now owns the honeymoon footage being “offered for sale”, but was temporarily blocked by the judge on grounds that it cannot be released without Lopez’s consent.

I have to give to Lopez’ lawyers for being quick to the draw. Otherwise, the whole world would have been feasting on their client’s honeymoon video Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee style.

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