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Royal Wedding Update: Royal Guard Fired for Calling Kate Middleton a “Stupid Stuck Up Cow” on Facebook


Royal Wedding Updates: Everyone is already so excited with the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Millions of people are expected to watch the marital bond between a prince and an ordinary woman.

Prince Harry is going to be the best man of Prince William and he will also be in-charge of the after-party.

But before we get too excited with all the romantic things that will happen, there is a sad news for one of the royal guards who had bitten the hand that feeds him.

A royal guard was relieved of his duty after calling Kate Middleton a “posh bitch” said Radar Online on its report.

Cameron Reilly, 18, posted the said description of Kate Middleton on the Facebook social networking site.  Aside from that, he also posted the following,

“Hur and william drove past me on friday n all a got was a sh***y wave while she looked the opposite way from me, stupid stuck up cow am I not good enough for them! posh bitch am totally with u on this 1 who reely gives a f about hur”

The British Ministry of Defence said in an official statement that Guardman Reilly will no longer be going to be on duty on the upcoming wedding of the century.  The statement says,

“In view of the nature of the allegation, it would not be appropriate for the individual to be on parade for The Royal Wedding.”

Photo credit: radaronline.com




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