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A Wedding, Atty. Tessa Ramirez, and People Going Gaga


funny-wedding-photoI attended a friend’s wedding last week in Tagaytay, the cold weather is the envy of everyone living in the jungle of the metropolis.  It was not the first time I attended a wedding actually.  It was only one of the numerous times I attended or on most moments assisted during the ceremonies.

Weddings are not only the most special if not the apex of the romantic relationship of couples, with the honeymoon surely to vie for that top spot as soon as the couple has tasted a slice of heaven.  But more than the romance that you can almost smell in the air, wedding also are full of theatrics and colorful display of made-to-believe decorations trying to put in a dreamland only to be crushed and ripped apart when the couple realizes that there are things that could be easier negotiated with Abu Sayaff or the Taliban than your spouse or your in-laws.

These theatrics varies in degrees and eccentricity.  I served for a very long time as an altar server in our parish and under our former bishop that includes almost always serving during wedding celebrations.  Theatrics?  Lots of it, most of the time:  fireworks that lasted for more than an hour after the wedding that stalled the free flow of traffic and almost burned down the church after some of it exploded on the roof and wedding decorations; there were hired dancers dancing on the aisle as everyone was waiting for the bride being late for more than an hour; how about fruits hanging everywhere, on all pillars of the Church with a some grapes falling on the head of the priest as they were loosely tied on the flower decoration; the dress of the bride’s maid falling down as she stepped on its long well-decorated trappings, with all the guys “ooo-ing” in chorus and the priest immediately making a sign of the cross; and what is more dramatic than a bride waiting for her groom for almost two hours, only to know that her groom ran away with a guy.

I’ve gone too far now.  Going back to the wedding of my friend last week, fortunately, it has none of those things I shared.  But it has rather one of the most attention-grabbing personalities like the Eiffel Tower shining brightly amongst lovers on the lanes and parks of Paris.

The wedding has already started and then came Lorna Tolentino being a principal sponsor with the people starting to whisper to one another, “Oh, it is Atty. Tessa Ramirez.” No one will never fail to recognize Lorna Tolentino, much more Atty. Tessa Ramirez; the role she plays on the primetime teleserye Dahil May Isang Ikaw with some of the people in front of me sharing in jest, “Let us tell her where Miguel is hidden”. (Miguel is the character of Jericho Rosales who is her son on the show).

The mass went on, but during the photo-op after the liturgy, the people have swollen around Lorna Tolentino all flashing their cellular phones and digital cameras to grab a snapshot of “LT” while the groom and bride are also being photographed.  I think LT suffered an aching neck and jaw afterwards for smiling non-stop on everyone who were taking a photograph of her and with her.

The people went short of going totally berserk as the attention shifted from the newly-married couple to the actress who is so flawless and beautiful trying to defy the effects of aging and tremendous workload.

My friend then jokingly told the crowd:  “Excuse me, we are the ones who were married here.” And everyone laughed and went back to their senses.

No doubt, celebrities always gain the spotlight, the attention of people no matter what kind of occasion or event they are in:  going gaga on the dance floor not knowing that they are already half-naked due to alcohol overload; distributing relief goods to victims of disasters; smoking weeds; donating to a charitable institution; brawling with a jeepney driver on a national road; or simply strolling around.  And people easily pose with them to have a snapshot as soon as they realized that they are with a celebrity with the experience similar to winning a Lotto jackpot or having President Arroyo languishing in jail at last.

The wedding was a success.  It was solemn, sweet, relaxed (at least for those who attended, I don’t with those being married) and of course memorable.

Having a celebrity on a wedding is surely an exciting experience for anyone especially the couple to take on the vows.  But be sure to call in the MMDA enforcers to traffic a crowd going gaga.  I can’t imagine having Piolo Pascual on a mass baptism.

As for me, I just stared at the popular guest and went on with my life, congratulated and wished the best of luck the newly-weds.  I will go berserk though if it is Aling Dionesia seated by my side.

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