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Justin Bieber Coming to the Philippines


Justin-Bieber-dead-breaks-neckRumors are circulating that the teen sensation is soon to take the Philippines by storm.

The rumor about Justin Bieber coming to the Philippines is fueled by the thought that Usher is going to have a concert here on July 9 and that Justin may be tagged by his mentor to join him on his concert that will be held at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds.

Ricky Lo also hinted the same thought as he said that Bieber usually accompanies the gigs of Usher.  Tim Yap also shared this sentiment on one of his Twitter message account.

Surely, fans of Justin Bieber will be so happy to see him perform in the country.

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  1. justine says:

    Dear NoyNoy Aquino , since you are the president now. & i bet you are friendly. can i ask a you a favor? Please make BieberStores around the Phils (: it would be great . & i swear , i`m gonna buy all those stuffs. all the money you get can go to your charity (: k? cool.

  2. johanahlyn says:

    ….dear Mr, president …..i wish that justin bieber …….will come n …..philippines ………..hope u receive this favor….love u?

  3. clarissa says:



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