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Kate Middleton’s Wedding Dress: Vintage-Inspired and Ivory-Colored Royal Gown?


Tomorrow, April 29, the whole world would seem to stop as millions of people will watch what is dubbed as “The Wedding of the Century”.

Prince William and Kate Middleton will the tie the knot at Westminster Abbey at 11 AM.  It will be witnessed by their family members, friends and guests.  However, around the world, the wedding is going to be televised local TV networks and will also be on live streaming.

Millions of people had already flocked London.  Around 5,000 police personnel are going to keep the security of the expected 1 million tourists.

Aside from the wedding rites, people are also equally every excited about the wedding dress of the bride, Kate Middleton.

What would be the design of the royal wedding dress?  Will look it similar to the one worn by the late Princess Diana when she married Prince Charles?  Will it be vintage-inspired or trendy?

The designer who was expected by many to have designed Kate Middleton’s wedding dress is Bruce Oldfield. However, in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, he confessed that he is not making the royal wedding dress.  He said,

“It has been such a subject of rumor and speculation over the past months, but I am not designing it. We will all know [on Friday] — and I thought I’d duck out of the ‘possibles list’ to give everyone 24 hours to place their final bets!”

In an online survey conducted by The Guardian, most of the 3,000 respondents said that Kate would most probably wear a “vintage-inspired, bias-cut ivory Libélula gown designed by Sophie Cranston.”

As of this writing, the design of Kate’s wedding gown is still a big secret, and will only be revealed tomorrow at the day of the wedding itself.

Photo credit: lifestyle.ezinemark.com


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