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Mariah Carey Gives Birth to Twins at 42


Famous singer Mariah Carey gave birth to twins (a boy and a girl) yesterday, which is also the date of her and husband Nick Cannon’s fourth wedding anniversary.

According to reports, the baby girl came out first at 12:07 pm, weighing 5 pounds and 3 ounces, measuring 18 inches long; the baby boy came next, weighing 5 pounds 6 ounces, and was 19 inches.

It was said that it was Cannon who got so nervous that he even ended up going to a different hospital unit while the 42-year-old singer was calm for thinking that it would only be a false alarm.

“I am probably going to faint in the delivery room! I need to man up! Or maybe I should say WOMAN UP since they are the ones that have to be the strongest in the whole ordeal! I am in awe of my wife!”, Nick Cannon,” America’s Got Talent” host tweeted.

However, while Mariah was on the process of breathing in and out and pushing hard to deliver the twins, it was said that “We Belong Together”, her #1 hit song in 2006 was playing on the background. In case you’re wondering, they still haven’t named the twins yet.

Congrats Nick and Mariah! Though, it be great if Mariah was singing and belting her lungs out while giving birth. LOL.

Can you think of any possible names for their twins?  Any thoughts?

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