No More Laurence Fishburne For CSI This Fall


Dr. Raymond Langston isn’t going to be present this fall. If you’re a fan of CSI, then you’d probably know who he is. He is Laurence Fishburne in real life and his contract for the CBS TV series just expired last May together with his other co-stars. The Emmy Award-winning actor had a great time in the show. He joined the show more than two years ago filling the void of left by William Petersen.

He himself has been a fan of the TV series since it began until such time that he joined in. He even indicated that portraying the role has been of great challenge for him. The role of Petersen being Dr. Gil Grissom has gained much love from the audience and replacing it isn’t that easy. Nonetheless, he is very thankful of what he had experienced. His replacement remained unknown up to this time and that is something that every CSI fan should watch out.

Fishburne’s high-profile status being an actor isn’t enough to pull up the series’ ratings since the departure of Petersen. As for the record, Season 11 ended with a 3.3 rating among adults 18-49 and was ranked No. 30. His co-star Marg Helgenberger who also had her contract expired with him will be back for the next season. She indicated her comeback by saying to People that she’s planning to do only “a few episodes”.

The entire production team of CSI isn’t sure yet what’s going to happen next season. Most of their stars ended their contracts last May and most them are still negotiating. “It must be a test for the writers of “CSI.” We always start planning for next season without knowing for sure,” Executive Producer Carol Mendelsohn told

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