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Lady Gaga Coming to India, Already has a Fan in Pandit Ravi Shankar


Now it can be told, Lady Gaga is indeed coming to India. The singing sensation was being interviewed by a US daily when she blurted out that she is packing her bags to travel to the country.

According to Gaga, “The reason I’m going to India now is because I can. I didn’t have the money or the resources before to travel and bring all of my things with me and reach an entire new territory of fans.” According to Troy Carter, Gaga’s manager, the singer is making up for missing out on going to India on her last tour.

Hot on the heels of this news, Indian music maestro, 91-year old Pandit Ravi Shankar revealed that he has been impressed by Lady Gaga’s music videos and described her as “a very intelligent performer”.

The music maestro, whose career in music started way back in 1930 when he joined his brother Uday’s troupe as a dancer, said that the difference between UK and Indian music lies in the improvisation as in the United Kingdom classical music is composed by individuals, and written down while Indian classical music is entirely based on ragas. He reveals that 95 percent of Indian music is “improvised” which is why it never sounds the same twice.

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