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Lindsay Lohan Slaps Restraining Order against a Crazed Fan


This time around it is Lindsay Lohan’s turn to be on the good side of the legal system.

The embattled actress who is usually at courthouses to defend herself from cases stemming from various misdemeanors, turned to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joseph Biderman for help against a crazed fan tormenting her for at least two years with text messages and frightening acts to make it appear they were dating.  

In court documents, the actress claimed she was living in fear since June 2009 due to David Cocordan’s crazed behavior. She also signed a declaration claiming he had called or sent her text messages more than 100 times to express “delusional thoughts and irrational feelings about his belief that (he and Lohan) are in a relationship.”

The declaration further stated that a Los Angeles Police District detective in the Threat Management Department who has looked into Cocordan discovered he suffers from schizophrenia, is off his medication and has a “significant psychiatric history of acting on his delusional beliefs.”

Lindsay claimed her recent run-in with Cocordan was when he had claimed to kill her and even posted a picture of him on her twitter page in the grounds of her home.  

Although neither Lohan or Cocordan attended the hearing, the judge went on to issue the requested restraining order.

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