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Anne Hathaway Packs a Wallop


Consider yourselves warned: Never underestimate a seemingly frail and harmless-looking beauty because she just might be packing a mean wallop of a punch.

This is exactly how people in the newest Batman production perceives Anne Hathaway now. Hathaway, who probably weights no more than a 100 pounds, recently gave a professional stuntman a whopping shiner and a splitting headache after accidentally hitting him in the eye with the butt of a gun… a film prop no doubt but black-eye inducing just the same.

It seems Hathaway is really taking her role as the new Catwoman in the latest Batman installment seriously, or maybe she just wants to trump Halle Berry’s version.

Whatever led her to be carried away by the fight scene, enough to cause someone a serious injury, also left Anne mortified.  

She was reportedly so upset she bought the stuntman a silver pen to apologize. Engraved on the pen was, “Remember no one packs a punch like Anne.”

A source revealed that although the whole incident was taken in good humor by the rest of the cast and crew, the poor guy did take quite a beating.

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