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Rest in Peace MF Hussain


Legendary painter and artist Maqbool Fida Husain or MF Hussain as he is known in the industry, had passed away.

The 95-year old Husain has been living abroad since 2006 following a self-imposed exile after receiving death threats in India and figuring in a legal battle which stemmed from his depiction of Hindu deities in the nude.

Despite the uproar his fertile mind had created, MF Hussain remained in the hearts of Bollywood stars and industry stalwarts who lost no time in expressing grief over his demise, some through the social networking site, Tweeter.

Veteran actor Dev Anand tweeted, “Very sad to hear that the great MF Husain is no more, RIP.”

Director Anurag Kashyap was quoted by PTI as saying, “The news is shocking. It is yet to sink in. Just two days back I was discussing (about) him with a friend. He was a great filmmaker who made films which he believed in and financed it himself. He was a special person and a genuine artist.”

Rahul Bose probably summed up the industry’s sentiments in his tweet, “Hussain passes away. We hang our heads partly in grief and partly in shame for not being able to let him spend his last days in this country.”

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