Kim to Bret Lockett: Admit to Lying or Face a Lawsuit


Did they or didn’t they… have an online and physical relationship, that is?

The answer depends on who you are asking the question to. If it were New England Patriot Bret Lockett, he would say he definitely did have an online and physical relationship with Kim Kardashian. If the question was directed towards reality star Kim, she will vehemently deny that such a relationship existed and would hasten to add that that she does not know and has never even met Mr. Lockett.

Why is Bret Lockett’s “claim” such a big deal that Kim Kardashian is threatening to sue if he does not retract his statement and admit that he lied?

Well, two factors come into play. First, Kim is now engaged to Kris Humphries and is in fact rarin’ to have a baby with him by the end of this year (See separate article). And second, Bret “claims” the online and physical relationship he had with Kim happened at the same time she was dating her now fiancé Kris.

Now, that does put Kim Kardashian in a bad light, does it not? No wonder she is threatening to sue.

Kardashian’s lawyer, Michael Kump has already sent a demand letter to Lockett warning him to retract his allegations or face legal action.

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