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Bret Lockett Admits He had Never Met Kim Kardashian


Looks like Kim Kardashian’s threats of suing his pants off worked because Bret Lockett has finally admitted that he has never actually met Kim Kardashian, with whom he claims to have had an online and physical relationship while Kim was dating now fiancé Kris Humphries. But, there’s a catch… read on.

When asked point-blank if he and Kim have ever met, his response was, “No, we have not. She was very busy.”

So how did their supposed relationship play out? Lockett claims that they hooked up via phone after Kim’s friend Lauren London told Lockett’s brother that Kim wanted the athlete’s number. (London has already denied her involvement saying she has an impostor)

Ten minutes after giving his number he said he got a call from Kim, which started their “relationship”

When confronted with the cease-and-desist letter from Kim’s attorney, which demands apologies and retractions for saying that there was a “secret five-month affair, that Kim engaged in “sexting” or phone sex with him, that Kim sent racy pictures of herself to him, etc. Locket had this to say, “I do not plan on apologizing or retracting anything…What I’ve said is the complete honest truth. You can’t fault somebody for telling the truth. That’s just plain and simple.”

So there might still be a lawsuit against him after all.

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