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Last Videos of Michael Jackson Subpoenaed in Manslaughter case


Michael Jackson lives on, in videos at least.

The King of Pop’s rehearsal videos for his supposed “This is It” tour, the last few caught on tape before his untimely death were subpoenaed by the defense lawyers of Conrad Murray, the ill-fated star’s physician being charged with manslaughter.

It will be recalled that Murray admitted to having administered Propofol to Jackson, which is believed to be what caused the singer’s sudden demise. 

Defense attorneys believe the rehearsal videos could show that Jackson was in such a frail condition that there were many other reasons for his death other than Propofol administered by their client.

The video tapes, more than 20 boxes of them, are in the possession of Sony Pictures and they are objecting to its presentation for several reasons, one of which is that since there are more than 20 boxes of videos it would cost Sony $200,000 to log and reproduce all of them.

Another reason given for the refusal was that the videos “have a high monetary value inherent in their potential for future uses, including one or more ‘anniversary editions’.”

However, with the subpoena, Sony has no other recourse but to comply. They did everything though to ensure that the rehearsal videos remain top secret, from transporting the tapes in an unmarked truck accompanied by armed guards to prohibiting internet access in the editing bay and posting security guards outside the door.

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