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Adele Gives Her Money Away


Here’s another philanthropic soul who derives joy from helping people in need.

British soul singer Adele certainly does not mind parting with her earnings by giving money to charity and her loved ones. She said she did not come from a moneyed family so she knows how difficult it is to struggle in life.

Adele was quoted as saying, “The cash has started trickling in, but I don’t come from any money so I help people. I give money to charity and to friends and family.”

Moreover, the 23-year-old singer also hires people to do household chores as a way of helping ease the unemployment problem brought about by the slow economy.  She however insists that she will no longer employ people for chores once she gets the time to do them herself.

“I have an assistant but I do my own washing. My auntie cleans for me, but I love a good clean as well. And, when all these squillion pounds come in, I’m having a break so I won’t need any help. I don’t need assistance getting myself to the pub,” she jokingly said.

She might not yet be in the league of Brad and Angie, but I’m sure her generosity will get there someday.

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