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Blake Lively Thrilled With “Mini” Self


Actress Blake Lively sure has a lot of reasons to be happy about these days… a budding romance with one of Hollywood’s elusive bachelors, a great TV and movie career, and now her very own mini version of herself.

Well, it is not actually a mini-Blake Lively but a mini-Carol Ferris, the character she plays in the latest Green Lantern movie.

Still, the actress is very much delighted to receive the miniature replica inspired by the said Green Lantern character Carol Ferris that she even plans to purchase a miniature home for the action figure version of herself.

Lively was quoted as saying, “It’s so wild. I feel like I need to go and buy Barbie’s Magical Dream House and play with myself. Wait, that doesn’t sound right.” (Err… yeah, that did not sound right but I’m sure people get what you mean.)

The 23-year-old actress stars with Ryan Reynolds, Mark Strong, Angela Bassett and Tim Robins in the upcoming film, Green Lantern directed by Martin Campbell.

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