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Sylvester Stallone Now a Boxing Hall of Famer


Sylvester Stallone is indeed a very good Hollywood actor. He is so good as an actor that he got inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame – despite not being a professional boxer.

The explanation: Stallone was honored for the contribution to the sport of boxing of the six Rocky films he starred in, wherein he plays a small-time fighter who gets a shot at the world heavyweight championship and went on to beat one opponent after the other no matter what the odds were.

Stallone had this to say, “I never pretended to be a boxer, but I have an understanding of what goes on outside the ring.”

The first Rocky, which was released in 1976 even got Sylvester nominated for an Oscar for his performance. The last Rocky film, “Rocky Balboa” was shown in 2006.

These days, the 64-year old Stallone has turned to fashion designing – with his own line of jeans, shirts, sports wear set to be launched next year.

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