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Phil Younghusband Not Giving Up on Taking Angel Locsin out for a Date


He may have not scored an easy goal on Kapamilya hot actress Angel Locsin, but like a true Azkal, Phil Younghusband is not easily giving up.

Phil Younghusband most recently asked Angel Locsin for a date on Valentine’s Day via Twitter.  However, Angel said that she is not available on that day, sending the message that there will be some other time for them to go out.

Despite of this setback, Phil said on an interview that he has not lose heart and will just have to wait for the right moment for him to meet his crush.

“She said she’s busy on the Valentine’s Day, but maybe another day, so we have to wait and see. I’m not joking. We have to wait and see. I can’t tell you what’s gonna happen. I don’t want to say. But let’s see, she’s busy also. We don’t know, but let’s see.”

But will Angel Locsin have the qualities that Phil looks for a woman?

“Someone who can make me laugh, who can make me smile. I feel if I can make them smile, if I can make them laugh, then I’m happy,” said Phil.

Will Phil score a goal on Angel soon?

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  1. eterna says:

    This is outdated. What is the purpose of having this published for January 3, 2015 when this is OLD NEWS? It’s new year, aren’t we supposed to be better not bitchy and bitter? Get a life!


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