Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons: Public Display of Discontentment


After 28 years of being unhappily together, Shannon Tweed has expressed her dissatisfaction and anger towards “The Demon” rocker Gene Simmons live on air — Twice, in the Today show and the Joy Behar Show

As seen from very tense interviews with the couple, the union is
not looking so good with Tweed’s remark “He is a pig and I don’t like it. I’m finish with him”.

The interview was set up for the couple to promote the new season of “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” but Tweed became upset over a short clip run by Today hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb. The clip showed the couple arguing over a photo of the KISS lead vocals with two unidentified women on his side.

During a separate interview with CNN’s Joy Behar, a very upset Tweed even walked out of the set which left a tongue-tied Simmons on the table. Behar had asked Simmons about how’s his “back” after claiming to have bed atleast 5,000 women. The 60 year old musician instead joke about his “junk” being tired. Apparently, Tweed was not so happy about the remark and decided to discontinue with the interview. Simmons remained compose but was equally unhappy and turned to Behar, accusing her of setting him up.

check out the website for the interview:

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  1. Ricky Rodriguez says:

    Shannon, I bet your not discontent with having his money around.


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