Charlie Sheen’s Lawsuit Against Producers Sent to Arbitration


The ruling of judge Allan Goodman to send to arbitration Charlie Sheen’s lawsuit against his former producers at Two and a Half Men is seen by Warner Bros as a mini victory of sorts, but Sheen’s lawyer sees it as nothing more than a court proceeding.

According to Judge Goodman Sheen’s contract called for disputes to be referred to arbitration.

If you will recall, Sheen filed a $100 million lawsuit against Warner Bros over his firing from the hit comedy show Two and a Half Men. He alleged that he was fired simply because he criticized the show’s producers, particularly Chuck Lorre who Sheen called “a stupid, stupid little man” and other derogatory, expletive-filled statements.

Judge Goodman’s ruling sidetracks Sheen’s desire to present his accusations in open court, but according to his lawyer, Marty Singer, the arbitrator could just as simply send the case back to open court.

Singer was quoted as saying, “We feel very confident our client will prevail in the case…That’s what matters at the end of the day, it’s who wins and who loses, not who wins in the preliminary skirmishes.”

Meanwhile, Howard Weitzman, Lorre’s attorney, said in a statement that, “This matter will now proceed in an orderly fashion as the parties agreed to.”

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