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Reese Asked to Silence Honky and Tonky


Actress Reese Witherspoon has surely come a long way from her Legally Blonde days. Back then, lawyer Elle Woods was not only a perfect picture of classy sophistication but of a sharp intellect as well.

The second part of the film showed her as a champion of animal rights who was lobbying to put a stop to animal cruelty, which is inherent in animal testing of cosmetic products for humans.

True to her Elle Woods’ character, Reese continues her love affair with animals. Only this time, she did not limit herself to a Chihuahua or an English Bulldog.

Enter, Honky and Tonky, Reese’s two pet donkeys… miniature donkeys to be exact.

While not everyone can have access to such animals nor afford their upkeep, Reese has her pets in a ranch in Ojai where, I imagine, they happily go about and munch to their hearts’ content.

Unfortunately, Honky and Tonky are now the subject of complaint letters from neighbors.

The miniature donkeys are said to have upset the residents, who claimed that Reese’s pets are loud and disruptive. One neighbor said, “I’m not even sure she (Reese) knows what’s going on.”

However, the very same neighbors do not want Reese to leave because she is ‘beloved’ in the area.

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