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Arnold’s Schwarzenegger’s Popularity Dims


If Terminator star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, were to run for governor of California today, he would most likely not win as he did a couple of years back. Or, if the housekeeper scandal broke when he was still in office, he would have been like Anthony Weiner who was “forced” to resign amid the scorching revelations of former maid and baby mama,
Mildred Baena.

This is the likely interpretation of a recent survey showing three out of four Californians now have a negative image o their former governor.
According to the recent poll conducted on California residents, 75% have a negative image of Schwarzenegger, 20% still approves of him and 5% had no opinion on the matter.

The actor and former governor got the lowest rating in Los Angeles where 90% of the 75% disgruntled voters came from.

Field Poll Director Mark DiCamillo was quoted saying,”The thing that’s striking to me is that when Schwarzenegger first came onto the political scene, there was this enthusiasm for him…He was going to be a politician who really appealed to independent voters and who would reach across party lines.”

The telephone survey was taken from June 3 to 13.

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