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Jennifer Lopez: It is Not a Sex Tape


Finally, Jennifer Lopez opens herself up and addresses the issue of the supposed sex tape her former husband’s current girlfriend is trying to peddle around.

If you will recall the earlier piece I wrote on the matter, Ojani Noa and Claudia Vasquez were slapped with a restraining order after Lopez got wind that a supposed “sex tape” featuring her and Ojani Noa was being sold, without her permission of course. The tape, which is supposed to be a “honeymoon video”, was shot by Noa himself in back 1997 when he and Jennifer were husband and wife.

Lopez is now saying that the personal video her ex- husband Ojani Noa was trying to sell was not a sex tape but just 27 hours of footage of their life together.

The 41-year-old superstar and American Idol judge admitted feeling upset after learning that Noa, whom she had split with after less than a year of marriage in 1998, would even try to sell their personal tapes in the first place.

She said, “My first husband has tapes of us from our life. It’s horrible. It’s horrible someone would try to sell personal things, but there’s nothing on it. There’s no sex tape.”

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