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Boy Abunda Declined Noynoy Aquino’s Offer as Tourism Secretary


boy-abundaBoy Abunda is offered by incoming President Noynoy Aquino a position on his cabinet as the top honcho on the Tourism department.  Noynoy Aquino said that Boy Abunda is an intelligent man, may not be perfect but knows how to listen and a great communicator; something that the Department of Tourism needs.

“He is an icon in the country, and more so for his ability to communicate, to understand the audience and to be able to propound and advance a particular set of ideas.”

But TV show host, talent manager and writer Boy Abunda declined the offer saying that

“I can help ‘Noy in another capacity. I have a personal relationship with Noy. I think it will be more effective if I continue what I am doing now… giving him advice — devoid of agenda and bias, devoid of politics.”

It will be remembered that Boy Abunda first appeared on the ad of fellow candidate and fierce rival Manny Villar as his celebrity supporter but soon jumped off to the Aquino fence when Noynoy declared his bid for the presidency.

Boy Abunda is a very close friend and manager of Noynoy Aquino’s sister Kris Aquino.

What do you think of this news?

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  1. Jeun says:

    In my humble opinion, Wala pong tumatawad sa katalinuhan, kakayanan at dedikasyon ni Boy sa trabaho nya. I’m pretty sure Boy is all that (kahit pa bading sya). Nevertheless, everybody could clearly see na kaya lang naman sya kinu-consider for the said position is bec. close sya kay Kris Aquino and family. Now given the chance it was another President (not Noy) who appoints him, why not? But isn’t it better to get such “position” out of his own merits and not bec. of who he “knows” and is “friends” with? Yun lang..

  2. Joyce says:

    It’s about time seomone wrote about this.


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