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New Wonder Woman Look and Design PHOTO


new-wonder-womanWonder Woman is getting a new look and outfit as its creator are trying to upgrade the superhero after years of getting the same old look.

The New Wonder Woman will have a new costume design and outfit according the DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee.  The new look will try to reinvent the superhero and keep up with the present time and of course fashion.

According to Geeks of Doom:

“The direction for the book puts Wonder Woman in a modern era where her original origin story has been altered. The world she would have known is now destroyed and her Amazon race is in danger of extinction. Wonder Woman’s world is now in an urban setting where she knows little about her previous life and she will have to fight to survive.”

After seeing the new outfit of Wonder Woman, I am wondering if she indeed has really kept up with the present time or had gone back in time as she is now covered with more clothes.

Seems like the New Wonder Woman goes in with Jennifer Lopez on loving cat suits.

What do you think guys?

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