Hefner Lets Crystal Harris Keep Her Engagement Ring


Hugh Hefner is such a trooper. Not only is he handling the break-up of his engagement and the cancellation of his wedding with Crystal Harris well, he is also proving to be the generous and understanding man that he has been touted to be.

Yes, Hefner is letting runaway-bride-to-be (she never even made it to the church because she called off the whole thing 5 days ahead of the scheduled ceremony) keep the $90,000 3-carat diamond sparkler he presented her with when he asked for her hand in marriage. Aside from the engagement ring, she also gets to keep the nice set of wheels he gifted her with – a Bentley no less.

Hefner’s rep said Crystal stopped by the Playboy mansion to return the ring, the car and Hefner’s Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Charlie. The rep said all Hefner wanted back was his pet dog. Awww….

For her part Crystal said wanting to return the engagement ring and everything else was the right thing to do.

With Hefner’s kind-heartedness, if I were Crystal I would definitely feel a great deal of regret for letting a good man go by not pushing through with the wedding — if only he was not 85 years old.

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