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Paris Hilton Is Single Again


They’re off, they’re on, and they’re off again! But this time its for real. According to a very reliable source, Hollywood’s favorite socialite Paris Hilton is now single after calling it quits with her recent man Cy Waits.

The couple, who has dated for almost a year, has broken up, despite their wonderful history together. “They are broken up,” tells the source to US Weekly. “It’s sad, she cares about him a lot and thinks he’s a great guy but they really hit a rough patch,” shares the insider.

Cy, a nightclub mogul, has been through a lot for the hotel heiress. Last September, Waits stood beside his girl amidst the controversial albeit frequent cocaine possession arrest. He was even seen manhandled by papparazzis in public. And Earlier, Waits played hero, risking his own life, when the heiress’s mansion was intruded by a obsessed fan

So what was the final straw that broke the his back? It seems the high publicized life together is the cause of the breakup. A source told US Weekly that Mr. Waits is particularly upset the media personality’s new reality TV show “The World According to Paris” is airing too much of their private life.

When he signed up for the show, he was clueless on how much camera would be following them around. And it seems like he was in for a big surprise.

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