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Paris Hilton: I’m Not Looking For Anyone


After breaking up with boyfriend of 18 months, Cy Waits via George Lopez’ show (I don’t know which is better, breaking up through text, Twitter or on national television), rumors are buzzing that Paris Hilton is on the prowl for a new man.

But, the hotel heiress (Is she still one, I thought she got disinherited already?) herself clarified this and has this to say, “I’m not looking for anyone…I really want to focus on myself and get to know myself and be in Malibu with my girls and just enjoy the summer. So no, no one, I’m not looking for anyone.”

Paris hastens to add, “I’ve never been single in my life. It’s the first time, so I just really want to get to know myself.”

Maybe an integral part of this get-to-know-myself phase in Paris’ (party-filled) life is to reconnect with old best friend (Yup, she might be able to clue Paris in as to who she really is?) Nicole Richie, whom she partied with, after announcing on national television that she and Cy Waits have parted.

The former best buddies attended the ‘I Heart Ronson’ bowling bash at the Spare Room in Hollywood.

Another attendee of the bowling bash noticed, “they were really happy to see each other and looked like they had a lot to catch up on.”

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