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Dingdong Dantes, To Cause a Third-Party?


It seems like Dingdong‘s love for Marian isn’t endless. It was just recently that Dingdong and Marian were predicted to break up for real this 2011.

mariann and dingdong

Cristy Fermin dropped the bomb on Bulgar. She said Dantes is now going after a model and wouldn’t stop until he gets the the girl’s number.

Do you think it’s true? Or Fermin just made it up and was just being herself? Any thoughts?

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  1. akoangmaster says:

    si cristy fermin siraulo. dapat jan pinapagulpi! napaka panget na nga, ganyan pa ugali.

    • Megan Dina Young says:

      Ay totoo yan! Feelingera talaga yang matandang yan! Tinatawag na kasi ng lupa bat di pa sumama ha ha…peace:-)


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