Cheryl Cole Considering Getting Back with Ashley Cole


Finally, some ‘normal’ news about Cheryl Cole.

After that court order bit about throwing to jail whoever snaps a picture of her, Cheryl Cole is seemingly more clear-headed these days, talking about which direction she wants to take her (once-married) life.

It appears that the former ‘X Factor’ judge is considering getting back with Chelsea star (former) husband, Ashley Cole, who is also said to be looking forward to reuniting with Cheryl to discuss their future plans ‘together’.

Reports have it that Ashley Cole is eagerly waiting to come back to the UK for an anticipated reunion with ex-wife Cheryl.

Ashley has been in the US spending a ‘boys only’ holiday and is scheduled to return to the UK next week.

According to those in the know, Ashley’s first priority upon his arrival will be to meet Cheryl — and convince her to take him back.

The good news is, as friends of Cheryl revealed, she is actually considering giving the former husband another chance, but is said to be in no rush to do so.

What would make her take him back? He has to pass a test.
Cheryl is said to be planning to quiz Ashley about his behavior in Los Angeles and intends to find out whether he slept with any women there.

Good luck in squeezing the truth from Ashley, Cheryl. We all know men will never admit to any wrong-doing unless caught with their pants down or with a child that looks very much like them. Right, Maria Shriver?

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