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Kate Middleton Enjoyed an Expensive Facial a Day Before Her Wedding


Elaborate preparations are underway all over London for the big wedding day of Prince William and Kate Middleton tomorrow, April 29 at the Westminster Abbey.

Thousands of police are to be assigned around London to make sure that everything is alright; florists and decorators are busy putting everything that the couple had wished inside Westminster Abbey; members of the Royal Family are busy for the party and accommodation for their guests; and the government is also busy making sure that the big day is a great success.

But aside from the preparations being made by different sectors and group, the bride of the Prince of Wales also prepared herself before facing the altar.

Kate Middleton reportedly had an expensive facial a day before she say “I do” to Prince William.

The report added that Kate, 29, has been making sure to ensure that she will look her best during her big day, despite being a natural beauty.

Kate went to the Retreat beauty salon for an Oxygen Therapy facial that aims to make the skin look radiant and soft.

The price tag?  A hefty £82.

Millions of people from around the world are expected to watch what is dubbed as “The Wedding of the Century”.

Photo credit: solariasun.com


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