Charlie Sheen On a Losing Streak


As they say, “When it rains, it pours.” Sadly, it seems like raining bad luck for self-declared warlock, Charlie Sheen.

Not only is he not returning to ‘Two and a Half Men’ despite all the buzz and the supposed negotiations, but the show’s creator and Sheen’s primary nemesis, Chuck Lorre is hell bent on ‘killing’ his character on the show in such a way as to guarantee that Sheen will never return. Ouch, talk about revenge, Hollywood TV series style.

Aside from his impending TV demise, Sheen has lost the lone ‘goddess’ who has stuck by his side, crazy antics notwithstanding.

A source confirmed that the often times erratic Sheen, 45, is said to have parted ways with model Natalie Kenly, his remaining so-called “goddess” roommate in his L.A. home.

Just last April, Sheen admitted that his other “goddess,” 24-year-old porn star Rachel “Bree” Olson, dumped him via text message.
According to the source, Charlie is not in the best place right now and things are very tense, so the relationship just ran its course.

To me, it is more likely that she has had enough of his craziness.

Winning??? Duh!!!

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