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Jennifer Aniston: Honesty is the Best Way to Keep a Relationship Going


Hollywood stalwart Jennifer Aniston revealed that she believes the best way to keep a relationship going is by talking openly and honestly to one’s partner.

Aniston, who is currently dating Justin Theroux, was quoted as saying, “You need to talk to each other and you have to say what you want… You don’t confront your man about things which you’re not happy about, you approach it in a much more constructive way. You never want to be in an adversarial situation where it’s you versus him.

She adds, “All couples face those kinds of difficulties, but you’ve got to be able to talk about your problems and your needs and do it in a positive way. That’s easier said than done, of course.”

I do not know if it is because of the new man in her life or the tattoo of her dog’s name that she recently got, but Jennifer Aniston seems to be more in touch with her views on relationships these days.

Maybe, she has also learned a thing or two from the break-up of her marriage to Brad Pitt, because I think their split-up really caught her by surprise.

The thing is Jennifer’s choice for a new man is also being criticized, what with that new man, Justin Theroux, being involved (read: living in with) for 14 years with Heidi Bivens WHILE he was romancing her.

Some even hastened to comment that the Jen-Justin-Live-in partner configuration was like a re-run of what happened between her, Brad and Angelina – only this time Jennifer is the one being painted in a bad light.

So where is the honesty in this equation? Maybe we should ask Heidi.

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