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Lindsay Lohan Freed from House Arrest


Troubled star Lindsay Lohan’s 35-day house arrest ended on Wednesday, with her electronic monitoring equipment removed by 10am and the paperwork to get her off the jail system completed about 30 minutes later.

So, she is ‘free’ though not entirely because she still has to complete 480 hours of community service, attend and finish an anti-shoplifting class and comply with the other terms of her release.

She is free to leave the house though, free to drink to her heart’s content again, and be in as many parties as she can ever hope to attend – just like the good ol’ days.

As far as her spokesman, Steve Honig, is concerned, Lindsay is “very focused” on resuming her community service at a downtown Los Angeles women’s shelter. She is also reportedly required to work at the county’s morgue.

If that will do her some good so she can straighten up her life, then go for it, Lindsay. But I’m not holding my breath.

As for her movie career, Lindsay said she wants to resume acting. Thankfully, she remains a cast member of a biopic on the infamous New York Gotti crime family titled, “Gotti: In The Shadow of My Father.”

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